Virtual Thermostat pro mandatory to add fgs-222 in output in a virtual thermostat?

gazel zipabox shared this thanks 8 months ago


after a factory restet of my zipabow, when I want to create a virtual thermostat with in output a fgs-222 in the role of boiler, I need to buy the thermostat pro at 29$...

There is an other solution? Because my 200$ zipabox is good to trash if I need to pay 29$ more to create a virtual device that was for free month ago.


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Hi all, I'm using virtual thermostat as well ( whitout having this issue so far ), but indeed I hope it's not gonna be a paid service where it was free before ( I cannot find the free module anymore in the "virtual device" list .... )

Specially because it was one of the advantages to pick the Zipato solution ...

Please let us know


Ok so nobody from Zipato support seems to care about customers . Had the same luck by email .

In that case I will purely sell my Zipato devices and buy a Jeedom.

I’ve been an early adopter of Zipabox , this how we are Thanked