Virtual Thermostat

technocrat (technocrat) shared this thanks 19 months ago


I have a task to build a room heating control system.

I think the executive part of the system will be on the EIB/KNX or Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212.

I want to use the virtual thermostat and send the PWM heating value to the EIB/KNX system or the Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212.

Please tell me the basic steps to solve this task.

I bought

1. Zipabox smart home controller ru + 443 - zb.zwru433

2. Fibaro motion sensor FGMS-001 as a temperature sensor

3. Zipabox - KNX expansion module - ZBMKNXV1


4. Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212

Thanks in advance.