Virtual weather station offline

Damien Guérin shared this thanks 4 months ago

Hi support,

For several weeks I am no longer able to trigger anything from my virtual weather station.

Indeed, my virtual device is offline.

I tried to add another virtual weather station but no data is retrieved. Sunset and sunrise are still empty.

Does it exist a workaround?

Best regards

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Hello. What box and FW version are you running?

I am running a Zipabox 1 and latest FW 1.3.61 and there was alot of weather station issues when the 1.3.59,60,61 version was released some weeks ago.

My solution was to delete all old weather station(s), log out and reboot, and add a new fresh weather station.

If you test you will probably see many new options of the location or more cities beat by. I guess this is because Zipato added more than one weather service provider.

So if your first test does not work please test one more. :)

Also allow some time for the new Weather station to update before thinking it does not work. Also do a sync and log out and in again.

Finally I can say that my Weather station looks nice but I cannot make it's info to work in the rules. Only the astrotriggers work fine! I will test this better soon but right now the weather is soo nice so no need for a forecast. Hahahaha.

All the best!

// Henning


Hi @Henning

Thanks for your help!

Like you, I am running a Zipabox 1 and latest FW 1.3.61 :(

I removed my current virtual weather station, logged out, rebooted my box and added a new fresh weather station.

But same problem...

I 'm going to wait for Zipato update :(

Best regards,


l have the same. Virtual weather station offline. Worked fine for quite some time until a 2-3 months ago. I see that Zipato has issues with their data provide. See the topic Hope a solution will come soon. I had to redeploy the old solution with a Chacon DIO dusk/dawn sensor.


raise a ticket - mine was solved within few hours