Weekly scheduler is not working!

Aviad Belulu shared this thanks 11 days ago

I have create a simple rule:

(see images)

When => Scheduler Weekly (every day at 20:00) - never ends

then -> Action on "zipato mm motor control" -> GOTOVALUE 0

and then "Synchronize rules" (successfully)

It is not working no matter what I configure in weekly.

However, If I change it to minute (for example) -> IT IS WORKING!!!

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Have you synchronised devices (circular arrows button on the left) as well as synchronising rules (up/down arrows on the right)? The two are not the same (confusingly). I think, for schedulers, you need to do both (or at least synch devices).

Also, don't reuse schedulers by dragging them from other rules. This seems to cause problems. Always create a new one from scratch.

Finally, it seems to take a while for schedulers to get going. Leave it for a day and see whether it starts working.

The system is full of traps for the unwary.


I did it all by the book.

After debugging it I find out it was the seller problem and his configuration was wrong.

I fixed the configuration and it is now working.

Thank you!

Thank you:)