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What do you use to "Debug" of "Log" actions from your Rules ?

olivier34 shared this question 4 years ago
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I am looking for tips and "best practices" to debug my rules on the zipato. Sometimes I need to check "step by step" the execution of actions in rules.

Since I have not found any "debug" function in the box, I am using "HTTP requests" in rules to send log information to Prowl. I have added "HTTP requests" at almost every important steps in each rules so that I can use prowl to undersand when a rule is executed and which action in rules are executed after some logical test (like If-then-else)

Do you have suggestions on a more clever way to "Log" actions in Rules ?

thanks in advance

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Yes, it will be nice a tool for that. I am waiting for the answer.



I use messages to myselfe to contol the actions


I use google drive.

I built a form with some text filed, with that data pushed to a sheet. I call the URL (from rules) that form use to push the data to the sheet.. so I have data logged to a sheet.

essentially in a rule I place an http puzzle, Post, to the url[long-letter-number-character-ID]/formResponse

with body


where entry.123456789 are the ids of the form's textboxes.

You can build a form with many fileds as you need.

Date and time are automatically registered in the sheet.

Sorry.. bad english.. I attach a PDF where I explain that. I wrote it in Italian for the Italian community but the text can be translated with google translator.

hope this helps.


Simone, Andreas, Thanks for your contribution.

Simone, do you manage to log values ? for example value of a temperature ?


Oliver, I can include sensors value in my http calls (advanced feature, I don't know if currently available for everyone without paying) .. So if I have a module with some blank fields I can submit sensors values to it.

Try to translate the document I attached above with Google translator.. Probably all become more clear.


You could also try using virtual switches. Insert state changes into your rules to track when they've been executed - the event log will show the changes. Unfortunately, in my experience, this doesn't seem to work all the time - no answer from Zipato about whether the problem is with the switch states not always changing, or the logging of the changes.


Hello david, I initially used virtual switches and "zipato logs" but it rapidly turned that it was not sufficient :

- States not always changing (you mentionned it...)

- I needed to many "virtual switches" to include a log mechanism in rules...


Now that Zipato team released the 1.0 software, ahas anyone seen andy "debug" option for rules ?


I kind of re-open this topic to check if, with new versions and firmwares there may be more clever / easier way to "debug" rules than filling up rules with HTTP requests to send information.

Thanks for insights and advices from community


I can see from my earlier comment that the virtual test switches didn't always seem to "fire". Well, now they do, reliably. So I have a set of 10 test switches that I scatter in my code when I need to follow in detail which parts of the rule executed.

Also, I have 12 virtual meters that I use as "variable inspectors". I use a rule to dump all my variables into those meters so I can see their values. This happens every ten minutes, but if I need to follow the activity in a rule in detail, I can call the rule to dump the variable values when a specific value changes. I also send the main values for temperature, rain, humidity, cooling/heating on/off etc. to a Google Sheet every ten minutes, which helps enormously because you have a clear overview.

To debug a problem, the process is still pretty tedious. I pick through the log, using the values from the variable inspectors, rule trigger switches and device values, and create a timeline to follow what happened in what order. I end up with something like this:

22:30:15 South side temperature 29.7

22:20:21 North side temperature 28.4

22:30:21 North side temperature 28.2

22:36:50 Tado temp 27.07

22:38:19 CoolingAvailable 0 <----------------------------- No cooling because Tado temp lower than south & north side temp

22:40:21 North side temperature 27.9

22:50:21 North side temperature 27.8

22:56:50 Tado temp 27.06

23:00:21 North side temperature 27.5

23:00:55 OpenLRBlinds set to 1

23:01:22 SCon_OpenLRBlinds switch toggled

Very time consuming, yes...