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What is the best (or possible) way to do the migration from Vera to Zipabox ?

Tuomas Levoniemi shared this question 8 years ago
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I have Micasaverde Vera2. I just purchased a ZipaBox. At first, I just thought to pair the existing Z-Wave equipment (one by one) with Zipabox. But then I read that the Z-Wave technology controller can be two different states whits are called the master and the secondary controller modes.

My question is:

Is there some way to move the Z-Wave network from the current "master to the" ZipaBox?Some documentation about master/secondary transfer process:

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Please be kind, and

create instructions for the (Vera > Zibabox) migration model. Many consumers

consider switching, but have described problems prevent the transfer. Zipato

would surely increase sales if guidance and support for migration would be




Maybee i missunderstand your requirement but migrating to Zipabox is very simple.

Each device can be rested/joined from the zipabox dashboard.

I would say that the following steps needs to be secured before starting.

- Secure that all your devices are fully functional with the Zipabox

- You will need to have fysically acess to all devices since reset/join requires that



I am aware of the "normal" way to add devices. I using Vera, which is connected to more than 30 z-wave devices. Some of these are pretty difficult places (physically). I understand that the role of the controller could be swapped, so that Vera is the slave and Zipato is the master controller. If I could do the role of the change of the kind described. I will save time and money.I have tried to do this the role of the change. But I am not successful. I have not found any instructions for this :(Br.Tuokki

From Vera forum:

"Controller shift tells Vera to transfer

the role of primary controller to another Z-Wave controller. After you

click 'Controller Shift,' proceed to add the other Z-Wave controller

the same way you normally would, as explained here.

The difference between adding the controller by clicking 'Controller

Shift' versus adding the controller the normal way by clicking 'Add

ZWave controller', is that if you choose 'Controller Shift', at the end

when the other Z-Wave controller gets added, that other ZWave

controller will become the 'Master controller', and Vera will be a

secondary controller. This means the other Z-Wave controller will then

be responsible for healing the networking and being the SIS/SUC (a

technical Z-Wave term). Normally, by default, Vera is the master

controller and is SIS/SUC. "



Yes, this could be done and we will seriously consider implementing necessary features in the firmware and on the user interface to make this possible.

But we should also point out that the first step in such a migration attempt will have to be a reconfiguration process of all your Z-wave devices in your current network. This reconfiguration process will have to be done with the current primary controller in your network which in your case is Vera.

The reconfiguration process will consist of at least the following activities:

1) Removal of all associations on all of the devices

2) Reprogramming of battery operated devices that periodically wakeup so that they can send wakeup notifications to the Zipabox.

So the above steps will have to be done with your Vera controller.

And the entire migration process might look something like this:

1) Include Zipabox into your current network as a secondary or inclusion controller.

2) Removal of all associations on all of the devices

3) Reprogramming of battery operated devices that periodically wakeup so that they can send wakeup notifications to the Zipabox.

4) Initiate a controller shift operation on the primary controller so that Zipabox can become the primary controller

5) Exclude the former primary, now inclusion or secondary controller, from the network as it is no longer useful. This is not a necessary step.

6) Initiate the reconfiguration process on the Zipabox for each device.

Currently, steps 1,4 and 6 cannot be done with the Zipabox, we would have to implement these features in the firmware an on the user interface.



This answer is from 5 years ago.

It is already implemented in the lastest firmware?


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