Wrong Translation -> German -> Rulecrator -> On Exception, If-Then-Else

Oliver Lenz shared this thanks 3 months ago

There is realy an ugly Error in the Translation of the Rule-Creator-Elements -

and no possibility to fix it in the Language-Module on the Website,

because the used Words are Crosslinked.

The Word "Falls" is used in the German Language for an Event, if something happends _for a Moment_. (Event-Handling)

The Words "Wenn .. Sonst ..." are the Equivalent to an IF-THEN-Clause:

There is a decision to do on a Condition / Relationship between variables and valid for all the time - not only for a moment. (Condition-Handling)

Please Zipato-Team -

Change the Description "Wenn" to "Falls" and "Falls ... Sonst" to "Wenn...Sonst" -

It's realy Easier to understand what's going on in the Rulecreator -

especially if you program yourself with a real programming language...

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Hi Oliver,

you can do your own suggestions here:


regards Helle



i know the translation-tool -

i tried it already before some month -

but it's not possible to change something, because the words are crosslinked.


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