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I dont understand how Zipabox works with x10 devices. AFAIK I have to buy the additional 433Mhz module, which is not working with x10, because x10 TM13 and similar modules are not supported. (they dont have the required pairing mode) What does the 433Mhz module do for x10? I read it was necessary to buy at least the serial module too, to connect CM15 via USB. Still no support for 433Mhz RF X10 devices, but 2 (!) PLC devices connected to the CM15 will power on/off and dim (?). No "switch all" command, no extended commands (blinds, percentage dimming)? If this is what Zipabox understands as compatibility, then it is not the right product for me.

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according to this thread 5 years ago, Zipato say it is supported via 433mhz module. If x10 have added another security layer with a pairing mode to the inclusion process this may be proprietary only. I dont know anything about x10, and from what I gather it is a dying protocol with limited devices and functionality. People are moving on to newer products now with more capabilities.

Here are the list of products that are available to add within the x10 menu


or the x10PLC menu


If your products arn't listed here, or you need more x10 orientated functionality, try using an X10 controller. Zipato is primarily a z-wave controller.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.