Z-wave device for playing mp3 files

Henning shared this thanks 8 days ago

Hi community.

I have a project where I want to trigger MP3 sounds via z-wave from a Zipamicro.

Can anyone confirm that this is possible with the Aeotec Doorbell 5?

Possible to choose what sound to trigger from the rules!? Similar to what is described here for Vera users:


Any other unit that could do this job would also be very interesting!


// Henning

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hi henning

I've done that with the aeotec garage driver customizing an MP3 tone when the garage door opens. but you can only choose a single MP3 tone.


Can the doorbell 5 play a MP3 file?


Sure. This is text from the manual:


Download new ringtones to your Doorbell from your PC.

Use the Micro USB cable to connect Doorbell to your PC. Your PC will detect the removable storage after a few seconds, and then you’ll find it in the “Device with Removable Storage” section.

Double click the “Removable Disk (G:)” to open it.

Now copy/drag the MP3 music from the PC hard disk to the Doorbell’s flash memory.

Wait until you have finished copying the MP3 files.


The problem seems to be that you can not select a specific MP3 file to play from the rules. You must select the file thru parameter settings manually and THEN you can trigger from the rules.

This would be useless for my project so I am searching for other products.....



I'm writing this without any check on the API, only a "memory based" comment :) so do not take as 100% true.

Probably you could be able to change the device config via rules using http puzzle and zipato's API: build some predefined device config (one for each media to be played), build a rule that change the device config (at first, based on the predefined configs previously built) via http calls & API ... and than play. A "little bit" tricky .. but probably it can works.