Zipabox 2 better than Zipabox 1?

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Hello forum.

Can anyone who has upgraded from Zipabox 1 (preferrable after several years of use) please comment about this question?

Is the Zipabox 2 better than the Zipabox 1?

Is it worth the update and all that comes with it?

What is the best improvment with the new box?

// Henning :)

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I have used ZP1 appr 5 years and now appr 3 months with ZP2.


1. Memory in SD card. The old one had a fixed, solderedm memory chip. Now you can expand the chip to 8-16-32-64 GB. Not sure if >64 Gb is supported, but i see no reason why not. When memory is correupted in some way the old box was bricked (you could throw it away), With ZP2 you program the SD card with an image and start over again.

2. Definately more speed due to faster cpu

3. Stability is better. But thats is probably because of more memory.

Best: More and flexible memory .

But....... There is no easy way to migrate (for now i think) 3 months ago there was no way to migrate from 1 to 2. Just manually.


Wow John! Thanks for sharing your info!

I have used ZP1 for 3-4 years and have now almost 150 devices and 150 rules.

I feel the speed of syncing the rules or devices sometimes takes very long.

So I assume I am running low on memory?

But as long as I accept the delay it seems that everything works fine and the ZP1 is doing a fantastic job, I must say. (THANKS ZIPATO!!)

The lack of migration is crazy but for me it would only be a healty cleanup of unnessessary rules or some old rules not designed in the smartest way.

I am sure I could do the migration in 3-4hrs if I stress it. No big deal if you compare with all Gigahours I have spent doing automation experiments. Haha!!

What about offline access?

Have you managed to use your ZP2 also without internet? (With iOS or Android?)

I never managed this with my ZP1!!

Thanks again!

Anyone else with som info please share!

:) Henning


Hi Henning,

In the old situation I had some 50-60 devices and i think 100+ endpoints. I had multiple devices with more than 1 endpoint. And compiling (Sync) was alway a bit of: is it going to be ok, no failure with the server etc. At the end there were always problems (probably due to memory as well) Nowaday syncing is a peace of cake.

And yes Zipato did a great job. In all these years i saw the change from the old interface into the current and support for multiple protocols. And the good news for me and you was: it did not cost a penny. When the old box finally broke down I was sad, mad and disappointed. But with Zipabox 2 Zipato support did a great job in supporting me. And finally i saw it as a very good opportunity to clean up the old stuff. I did and endud up with less rules ( i use binding much more)

You are in luck when migrating, because your old box still does the job. If you have Zwave devices: make the new box first a secondary controller. That way you can have all the devices from the old box. When finished you can promote the controller to be primary.

I would raise a ticket and asking support for more tips and tricks. I can not image that in the past months they have not developed something for migrating.

Have not testoffline access. Tell you the truth: some weeks ago we had a small power outage here. Since I have my internet modem (router) and fileserver and other devices on a ups I did not notice much. But that was because of the fact that ZP2 had an internal backup battery (another plus).

I will do some experiments the next days to see what happens.

Happy migrating,



3-4 hours to recreate your system? Wow.

I think it would take me 3-4 weeks. Either I get automatic migration or I'm gone.


OK. I admit. Maybe it would take me a day or two to manually migrate the system. But I still think I could do it quick if I needed for any reason.

Since I have expanded my system over the last 3 years or so I have learned what to do and how to do it. So my old rules are not designed the same way as my new even if they do the same thing.

So for me it would be a nice cleanup to step by step exclude some devices at the time and recreate the rules & functions manually when the devices were included with the new box. Since an old rule would become "invalid" when the devices are excluded I would take a screeshot of each rule before I start moving that particular function to the new box.

Hmmm. Maybe I should ask Zipato team if they want to sponsor me with a ZP2 if I post a nice step by step guide of how I do my migration. Sounds like a win win win deal to me. :)

Anyway. Now it is summer and we should not spend time with this! Let's log off and get outside in the sun!

// Henning :)