zipabox zwave?

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I've seen tan exits a Zwave module for Zipabox. What is that for?

Does it mean that the Zipabox does not have Zwave and I need the module for using zwave, as it happens with the zigbee or 433 modules?

I've have zwave sensors and Somfy blinds, all running with a VeraLite...

And I'm thinking about changing to one Zipabox and the 433mod, but not if I have to buy a module for Zwave too.


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It does appear that there is a Z-Wave module for the Zipabox 2. In the Zipabox 1 it was built in.


Zipabox 2 does not come with Z Wave as standard, you have to buy a seperate module to get Z Wave, however the combined price of the box and the module now is the same as the old Zipabox 1. So no extra money, just an extra module.