ZipaMicro, ZipaBox or ZipaTile?

Fab shared this thanks 8 months ago

Bought 3 ZipaTiles a while back, and 2 of them has already broken down in only 6 months.

It's a shame that Zipato have these vast quality issues with the Tile, because the concept is really nice - and Zipato seems to be the only one having the key functions I need: an integrated alarm system, a really good rule-creatior and the virtual thermostats.

Now when my second ZipaTile broke down I'm struggling with where to go. I've already tried HomeAssistant and Samsung SmartThings and they are both too cluttered and wont offer the functions I need.

So the question is where to go now? I would prefer to stay in the Zipato ecosystem, but I really need something that works, and that won't break down in a couple of years. Many people seem to have a good experience of the Zipaboxes? How's the quality of the hardware?

The release of ZipaMicro makes the decision even harder - is Zipato moving away from the Box-strategy? Will there not be updates to the ZipaBox in the future? (Im suspecting the Box and the Tile/Micro runs different CPU architectures).

The key question is: What's the most stabile and future-proof solution if I would to stay in the Zipatoland?

Your input would be much appreciated!

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I preordered two of the first tiles, same as you I like Zipato environment and flexibility. I also agree with the fact that the tile needs improvements, I also had to return one of my tiles (defective) and don't like the screen at all, it scratches very easily, battery duration is also very very short. However its a very good idea and since zipato has helped for the most part I'm still here.

Regarding the product comparison I guess it depends on what you need and what is more important for you. There is a new Zipatile (2.0) coming soon, someone leaked a photo on this community, also there are rumors that Zipato is working on a Zipabox 2.0.

In my case I have a Zipabox and Zipatile, my box handles pretty much all the load while my zipatile is currently used as a dumb terminal to control the Zipabox and other smart devices, I have cluster licence but I havent had the time to include it. Zipamicro have a more powerful processor than the box but it is not that flexible, that is why I have my zipabox as main controller, the backup battery provides up to 1 day of backup and also have Zigbee and KNX module, however with over 100 devices and over 150 rules the box definitely struggles.

My plan is to wait for the Zipabox 2.0 to replace my 1.0 and then include the tile on the cluster splitting the load of some rules and devices.