Zipatile and Honeywell Round On/Off thermostat

Anthony Goubard shared this thanks 19 months ago


I have a thermostat Honeywell Round On/Off model T87G1006, it is link to an Eneco warming device that power my heaters using warm water.

The Honeywell device can be power with 24V (AC or DC)

The Switch stream power (Schakelstroomstrekte) is Nominaal : 0.02 ... 1.2A; turn on (Inschakelen) 3.5A (maximal)

I've plugged 24VDC cables to the Zipatile 12-24VDC input.

Can I manage my heating with it? I've tried to play with the device settings without success.

is it possible using the Zipatile directly or do I need another device for it?