Zipatile + Philips Hue + Ikea Trådløs, Alexa/GoogleHome - Best strategy?

Robert Hercz shared this thanks 6 months ago

What is the recommended setup when I have a Zipatile, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and want to control lamps (and other devices) from IKEA and Philips, in addition to Z-wave based switches and dimmers ?

Would I attach all IKEA lamps to the IKEA hub, and all Philips lamps to the Philips Hue Hub, and all Z-wave devices to the Zipatile, or would it be better if I attach all ZigBee devices directly to the Zipatile (and power down the IKEA and Hue hubs) ?

Which approach is best if I want to control the lights using Alexa (primarily) ?