Zipato dual switch to report switch position

Rozgonyi Balázs shared this thanks 20 months ago

Hi all

I cannot find a solution anywhere else so I hope you can help me.

I have installed a HA system with several Zipato Dual Switches. The controller is a Fibaro HC2, which unfortunately does not have a template for this switch. So it comes up as generic. It installs, strangely enough, 4 switches instead of two. #1 seems to turn both on. #2 corresponds to the left physical switch while #3 is the right. I cannot figure out what #4 does.

That’s still ok (though annoying) but a lot of times I want to use these as scene starter buttons. That means i need to be able to see if the physical button is flipped. And that’s where it becomes funny.

If I flip either switch, device#1 flips. It acts like an OR gate. Nice, but I need separate signals from both physical inputs. But neither of the remaining switches seems to flip in the controller if I change the physical switch. I am sure it’s some sort of config thing, but i cannot figure out how to set it.

Does anybody have any ideas/experience?

Thank you


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I tried setting parameter 3, but it does not have any effect