How to create a Rule?

Rules are created by dragging puzzle blocks onto the central Dashboard and combining them with devices and other puzzle blocks. By doing this you can easily build a complex rule to control your home automation system.
Each Puzzle Block has a specific function, and importantly, the shape of the block helps you to understand how it should be used with other blocks.
As you can see from picture in attachment, each block has a shape and can only slot into the same shape 'hole' of another block.

When your desired rule is created you need to click on "Save" (red letters on WHEN puzzle block). After saving the rule it is required to do a Synchronization of rules via "Synchronize rules" button in order to compile a rules script and download it to the Zipato controller from Zipato Cloud Server. When the synchronization finishes, your rule will show up in the Rules Creator section under "My Home Rules" tab.

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