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Zipato V2 platform - Adding and Managing New Devices

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Slave server?

Under Consideration Pekka R. 5 hours ago General No Comments
1 vote

V3: rules not working

Known Janne M. 24 hours ago General No Comments
1 vote

V3: Cannot define a scene with a virtual thermostat

Need Answer Uwe D. General Comments: 1 Reply 25 hours ago by Mario Z.
1 vote

TIBBER integration ?

Need Answer Robert H. General Comments: Reply 27 hours ago by Jessica J.
2 votes

Security module Offline after V2 to V3 migration

Under Consideration Jean-Marc G. General Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Johan v.
1 vote

System Alarm Low Battery Alert

Completed Rami Security Comments: 9 Reply 2 days ago by Rami
1 vote

Alexa - Zipato motion sensor

In Progress Romain G. Compatibility Comments: 6 Reply 4 days ago by Romain G.
2 votes

Upgrade offer for Zipabox1

Need Answer BOB73 General Comments: 7 Reply 5 days ago by BOB73
4 votes

virtual Weather station not working

In Progress Roberto H. General Comments: 40 Reply 5 days ago by Roberto H.
31 votes

Zipatile 1 offline over and over again

Known Nurulemin General Comments: 5 Reply 5 days ago by Nurulemin
5 votes
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