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Error code fixing

Genny S. General Comments: 1 Reply 1 hour ago by Marcus K.
1 vote

Release Zipabox2

A. V. General Comments: 54 Reply 18 hours ago by Henning C.
6 votes

Zipatile 2 release

Perry d. General Comments: 15 Reply 19 hours ago by Ian H.
16 votes

Compatible thermostats for USA

Need Answer Roger 21 hours ago Thermostat No Comments
1 vote

Can anyone provide clarity on "PRO Bundle" ?

Need Answer Marcus K. 22 hours ago General No Comments
1 vote

The state of Zipato iOS app

In Progress Filip R. Comments: 279 Reply 22 hours ago by Marcus K.
60 votes
2 votes

cant publish with mqtt to zipabox

Need Answer Tom S. General Comments: 5 Reply 29 hours ago by Dino N.
4 votes

Popp keypad

Emil K. Compatibility Comments: 10 Reply 30 hours ago by JORGEN A.
1 vote
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