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Rules using schema don,t work after upgrade to 1.3.10

Known Thomas Rule creator Comments: 3 Reply 19 minutes ago by Dag L.
2 votes

Rule doesn't work

Need Answer Krzysztof B. Rule creator Comments: 6 Reply 4 hours ago by Attila H.
1 vote

POE for Zipatile

Neco H. General Comments: 15 Reply 12 hours ago by M W.
5 votes

Ruled based on weather from virtual weatherstation

Answered Dag L. Rule creator Comments: 4 Reply 15 hours ago by Attila H.
1 vote

Alarm always showing false

Answered John v. General Comments: 6 Reply 16 hours ago by Alexander P.
2 votes

Temperature offset

Need Answer dobika76 19 hours ago Thermostat No Comments
1 vote

Z-uno compatibility

Known Jozef H. Compatibility Comments: 11 Reply 20 hours ago by Jozef H.
5 votes
11 votes

Problems adding nest smoke sensor

Known Cristian F. General Comments: 6 Reply 22 hours ago by Mark K.
4 votes

Alarm activation via Rule

Alexander P. Security Comments: 3 Reply 22 hours ago by Alexander P.
1 vote
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