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How to remove room in widget drop down menu

Answered Anonymous Comments: 21 Reply 39 minutes ago by Eric T.
20 votes

Server problem?

Known Andreas T. General Comments: 7 Reply 1 hour ago by Pero Z.
7 votes

Rule execution semantics

Need Answer David Rule creator Comments: 2 Reply 6 hours ago by David
1 vote

Control all lights from all switches

Under Consideration David Rule creator Comments: 20 Reply 14 hours ago by David
1 vote

lights on and off for hours

Need Answer importhomesas Rule creator Comments: 9 Reply 18 hours ago by importhomesas
1 vote

Storing variables externally ??

Under Consideration Torbjorn H. General Comments: 10 Reply 1 day ago by Torbjorn H.
1 vote
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