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Adding and Managing New Devices

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Zipatile V1 new UI like in 3.1.8

Under Consideration Oleg 2 hours ago General No Comments
1 vote

Features Lists

Answered Włodzimierz P. Compatibility Comments: 5 Reply 3 hours ago by Dino M.
1 vote

Cannot add Philips Hue Bridge V2

Answered Marcus S. General Comments: 24 Reply 21 hours ago by Patrick P.
5 votes

Zipatile ROOT access

Need Answer Jozef H. Security Comments: 1 Reply 25 hours ago by Irshat A.
2 votes

Delete unused networks

Answered Daniel W. General Comments: 1 Reply 28 hours ago by Dino M.
1 vote

Push notifications on V2

In Progress Gerardo A. General Comments: 19 Reply 28 hours ago by Dan T.
10 votes

Are there some issues with rules in V3

Answered acteck Rule creator Comments: 2 Reply 40 hours ago by Julio V.
1 vote


Completed Christian R. General Comments: 8 Reply 42 hours ago by AP
6 votes

Soft power off with Backup module

Under Consideration Irshat A. 2 days ago Compatibility No Comments
1 vote

Zipato compatibility with new Sonos s2 platform

Answered Janne M. Compatibility Comments: 11 Reply 3 days ago by AP
6 votes
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