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Zipato V2 platform - Adding and Managing New Devices

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Fibaro "The Button"

Need Answer Jochen K. Comments: 39 Reply 51 minutes ago by Izhar K.
4 votes

Is ticket system working OK

Answered Janne M. General Comments: 2 Reply 3 hours ago by Janne M.
2 votes

Strange behaviour of devices at a special place

Known acteck 2 days ago Thermostat No Comments
3 votes

Push Notification with action ??

Under Consideration Lars Rule creator Comments: 20 Reply 3 days ago by Mark D.
3 votes

Use of the virtual Weather Station

Completed Michel C. Rule creator Comments: 3 Reply 3 days ago by Mark D.
2 votes

Alexa isn't working

In Progress David P. General Comments: 29 Reply 3 days ago by Miguel S.
10 votes

Alexa seems to be disconnected, again

Solved David P. General Comments: 22 Reply 3 days ago by iSmartHome
15 votes

How to manage 3 buttons of Zipatile2?

Answered Marios P. General Comments: 4 Reply 4 days ago by Patrick P.
2 votes
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