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- Virtual alarm

Configuration parameters (Virtual alarm PRO): 

Entry delay - here you can set the time period necesary for you to approach the keypad and disarm the system once after you have been detected by the zone which you set as "Entry zone". During this time, Zipato will not trigger the alarm

Exit delay - here you can set the max time period after you arm the system, in which you can trigger the zone which is set as "exit zone". During this time, Zipato will not trigger the alarm if you are detected by any of the zones which are set as "follower zones" or "Exit zone". Please note that once after you are detected by the "Exit zone" you can't go back as even "Follower zone" will trigger the alarm.

Entry delay & Home entry delay and Exit delay & Home exit delay are the same functionalities but Entry delay & Exit delay are used for ARM AWAY while Home entry delay & Home exit delay are used for ARM HOME

Siren - choose which device you will use as a siren for this particular partition. You can have different sirens for different partitions. Also, you can add more than one siren for each partition

Siren time - set how many seconds will siren be active once it is activated. This is a good option for battery saving as there is no need to have siren activated for a long time after intruder is notified about detection

Siren delay - set how many seconds will siren wait until start signaling. This gives you time to deativate the alarm in case of some mistake

Squawks - if you go out of home and use your keyfob to arm/ disarm the system, you won't be able to see or hear any confirmation signal from the alarm panel. This is why Zipato allows you to use as many actuator devices in your home (e.g. lights) as you want, to give you the signal when successfully armed or disarmed

Silent alarm - the alarm partition can be set to silent and in case of an alarm event, Ziapto will send the messages

Quick arm - this option allows you use a RFID keyfob and Rules creator form arming and disarming the system

Always armed - in some cases you need an alarm system which will be armed always (e.g. fire alarm). In this case, you won't be able to disarm or arm this partition

Cross Zoning - to avoid false alarms, Zipato allows you to group as many sensors as you want to confirm each other's detection. When some zone included in the cross zoning group detects an alarm event, it won't trigger an alarm. Instead, it will just stay active and wait for some other zone within the same cross zoning group to confirm this event, by detecting the next alarm event within a pre-defined of time

Health care  mode - feature designed to improve eldery care where the system wil ltrigger an alarm if neither one zone detects some event during the pre-defined time period

Mobility time - setting for alarm triggering when there is no activity detected within set time interval

Alarm number - order of alarm without essential functionality

Maintenance - it will set this partition in maintenance mode. Triggering any zone won't trigger alarm while maintenance mode is active. This is useful when you want to disable tampers while changing batteries. You can exit maintenace mode simply by disarming your partition.

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