Wallet - Activate license


- Wallet


1. Open Shop menu

2. Open  Apps / Services / Bundles tab

3. Click on appropriate Product/ Service/ Bundle widget

4. Check its descripton and scroll down the botton of the page to select Quantity. Press Buy button

4a. If there is no enough Zipacoins in th euser's wallet, the following message wil lbe issued

 4b. Press Buy Zipacoins button to open web site (https://www.zipato.com/product/zipato-credits) where Zipato credits (Zipacoins) can be purchased:

5. If there is enough Zipacoins in the user's wallet, selected Product/ Service/ Bundle will be applied to the selected System

NOTE: Zipacoins balance is applied to the user's account but license is applied to a System. So this procedure must be done under selected user's System

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