Automation - create Geofencing rule


- Automation

NOTE: check how to create a rule -


1. Select "Rules" from the Main menu

2. Click the "+" icon in the lower right corner and create new Rule

- see

3. Under Rule triggers select Location option

4. Define name of the geofencing rule, select user who will triggers the rule, set location radius and specify type of geofencing rule - Arriving or Leaving. 


Selected account must use Zipato mobile app with location permissions set to "All the time" in order to triggers the rule correctly.
Rule is triggers when user enter/ Leave Location circle (defined by location radius)
By default, geofencing feature has 200m tolerance so it could cause max 400m distance from the center

5. Click on map and define location either by drag the map and tap or enter an address

6. Click Save button


7. Define Action which will be triggerd by Geofencing

- see

7. Confirm it by Create button

9. Click sync button to synchronize it with the Zipato server


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