Virtual alarm - create virtual alarm partition


- Virtual alarm


NOTE: Basic Virtual alarm doesn't requires license and it doesn't support adding external siren into alarm, creating entry/exit delays, Cross zoning and Healt care mode parameters  

1. Select "Devices" from the main menu

2. Open Virtual Server card under Server list:

3. Click Add ("+") icon at the lower right corner

4. Select "Virtual alarm/ Virtual alarm pro" under adding virtual device selection menu: 

5. Open Alarm device screen

6. Open alarm settings menu and select Configuration

NOTE: Use default PIN to open Alarm Settings screen

6A - define basic alarm parameters

6B - define alarm PRO  parameters

NOTE: See below a definition of alarm parameteers

7. Click on alarm widget and Zones button in order to create alarm zones

8. Click Add icon to add new alarm zone and define its parameters

NOTE: Zone's parameters are the same for basic and pro alarm partitions

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