Zipato V3 platform - migration from V2 to V3

The procedure to transfer v2 controller to v3 is as follows (THOMBOX / ZIPABOX 1 can NOT be moved to V3 platform):

1. Unregister (Clear owner in settings) your controller on v2 platform

2. Create a v3 account or use your V2 account to login on the V3 mobile app

3. When you enter the mobile app create a system and enter it

4. Go to the Main Menu > Devices > click on the "+" icon and choose "Server" (controller) from step 1 and add it to the System as a Master server - NOTE: Master server can be any Zipato controller but NOT Thombox / ZipaBox 1

5. OPTIONAL: Add another server to the system as Slave server (Multisever license is required); NOTE: Slave server can be any Zipato controller.

6. All real devices from v2 will appear in the System

7. All virtual devices, scenes, and rules have to be recreated (transfer of virtual elements from v2 to v3 is not possible)

8. Upgrade fw to the latest OFFICIAL or BETA version

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