Zipato V3 platform - migration from V2 to V3

The procedure to transfer v2 controller to v3 is as follows:

1. Unregistered (Clear owner option) your controller in v2 platform

2. Create v3 account at - it is possible to use the same account from v2

3. Under my3.zipato account create System

4. Add server (controller) from step 1 to the System as a Master server - NOTE: Master server can be any Zipato controller but NOT ZipaBox1

5. Add another server to the system as Slave server (Multisever license is required) - optional; NOTE: Slave server can be any Zipato controller.

6. All real devices from v2 will be presented in the System

7. All virtual devices, Scenes, and rules should be re-check by user and re-created if necessary (it is not supported transfer virtual elements from v2 to v3)

8. Upgrade fw to the latest beta version

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