Virtual thermostat - create Thermostat2 zone


Virtual thermostat


NOTE: Virtual Thermostat2 zone doesn't require license and it requires using of one or more Thermostat devices. All output heating/ cooling devices and Thermometer(s) are defined automatically regarding selected Thermostat device(s) so user doesn't need to define it additionally.

1. Select "Devices" from the main menu

2. Open Virtual Server card under Server list:

3. Click Add ("+") icon at the lower right corner

4. Select "Thermostat2 zone" under adding virtual device selection menu:

5. Define Device name and select real Thermostat device already included into System:

6. Open Thermostat2 zone Device widget:

7. Click three dots at upper right corner of the ability widget to setup configuration

8. Define settings of its ability - Name, assign to Room, hide from Dashboard 

9. Configure Thermostat by its Scheduler, Devices, Modes and Configuration:

9A - Scheduler:

- Scheduler defines active Thermostat Modes during every weekday and holiday:

- to change Scheduler either click on scheduler bar or click Add icon at the lower right corner

9B - Devices:

- add or removve Thermostat device(s):

- added Thermostat device at Step 5 is already assigned and shown with its operational modes (heating/ cooling). Those operational modes define virtual thermostat outputs (heating/ cooling output).  

NOTE: it is not possible to add additional output devices

- to add Thermostat device, click on Add icon at the lower right corner and select already included Thermostat device from the device list

- Thermometer is defined by default and assigned to the selected Thermostat device(s). 

NOTE: It is not possible to add additional Thermometer - there is no Add icon at the lower right corner

9C - Modes:

- click on each Mode and define its heating/ cooling setpoints

- to confirm changes, clisk on Save icon

- to reset Modes to the defualt values click on icon at the upper left corner and confirm by Change button

9D - Configuration:

- define the following parameters:

    - Temperature step - temperature step of termometer data
    - Stage difference (if supported by Thermostat device) - diference at each stage (up to 3 heating and 2 cooling satges)

    - Hysteresis - up to 2 degC

    - Minimum/ Maximum setpoint - min/ max limits of the setpoint wheel

    - Setpoint step - step of the setpoint wheel

    - Difference between heat/cool - diiference in deg between heating and cooling setpoint

    - Compressor protection delay (if supported by Thermostat device) - delay in seconds in starting compressors when changing between heating/ cooling modes

    - O/B relay logic reverse (if supported by Thermostat device) - O/B terminals for heat pump systems and is used for the reversing valve. By default: O/B off for cooling

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