Zipatile2 - Registration


1.Setup mobile application

  1. Download Zipato Home application (black Zipato icon) from Google Play store or Apple Store on your mobile device

  1. Register an account using the Zipato Home application

  2. Verify your email address

  3. Login with the credentials

2. Setup Zipatile2 device

  1. Plugin the charger into your Zipatile2 device, turn it on
  2. Connect it to internet (WiFi or ethernet)
  3. Open in applications, application “App repo” and update your Zipatile2 device applications

3.Register your Zipatile2 device using the mobile phone application

  1. Using the Zipato Home application on your mobile device create a system, enter the system in your “My system list”
  2. Go to the main menu open “Devices”, click on “+” button and select server, enter the serial number of your Zipatile2 you want to register (written on the label of the device and box) or do a LOCAL SCAN (you have to be in the same network as the Zipatile2 device) and select the serial
  3. Press REGISTER
  4. Go to main menu and press “Sync” button, Zipatile2 device should automatically login if it’s connected to the internet
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