Virtual alarm - zone settings


- Virtual alarm

Zone settings parameters:


Name - user defined zone title

 Zone - sensors that are connected to the server and can be triggered

Type - way of zone acting:

Interior - this zone will NOT be triggered when partition is ARMED HOME

Perimeter - this zone will be triggered when partition is ARMED HOME

Tamper - this zone is specially used when using wired sensors which shares single tamper zone

Safety - this zone (fire, gas, smoke, health) will be armed 24 hours no matter of the ARM satte of the partition

Silent - this zone could be used for activating silent alarm (message)

Panic - this zone could be used for activating panic alarm (immediate)

Arm state - sensor state for alarm triggering, depends on the sensor slected i nth ezone configuration


Alow bypass - if this zone (device) is out of function (e.g. no battery) or it is in the wrong state (e.g. window opened instead of closed - arm state) you can still arm the security partition by simple bypassing this zone before arming the partition

Remove bypass - in the case the sensor (zone) is bypassed and alarm (partition) is being armed afterwards, all the later events from this alarm will not trigger the alarm without selecting disarm and then arm again, without bypassing this zone

Is this entry zone? - entry zone is the one which will be tripped first when you are approaching your home. Once after it is being tripped, it will count the "entry time" before triggering an alarm

This is exit zone? - exit zone is the one which will be tripped last after you arm the partition. Once after you arm the partition, the system will count “exit delay” during which you can trip your exit zone while exiting your home. Once after it’s being tripped you can’t come back in your home again, as this will trigger the alarm

Is this the follower zone? - Follower zones are the zones which are placed in between entry zone and alarm panel or between alarm panel and exit zone. Selecting those zones allows you to define exact path for entering and exiting you home

Cross zone group - To avoid false alarms when some sensors (zones) are too sensitive - it is enabled to group more zones within one group. In this case, when some zone within a group is being tripped , instead of triggering an alarm, it just starts counting “Cross zoning time" period in which some other zone from this group should be tripped too. This way the second zone will confirm the alarm event from the first zone, and the alarm will be triggered. In case that cross zoning time expires without some other zone getting tripped within this period, the alarm event will be considered as false.

Cross zoning time - time in which some other zone should confirm activity detection

Zone number - order of zone without essential functionality

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