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1. Select "Rules" from the main menu

2. Click the "+" icon in the lower right corner

3. Define Rule Name, Description (optional), Triggers, Conditions (optional) and Actions

3a.  Rule name is the title of the rule so use a unique name to distinguish each rule 

3b. Rule triggers are events which will trigger the rule. Add a trigger by clicking on the "+" icon and selecting the trigger type

Scheduler - Defines the time when the rule will be triggerred. It can be repeated minutely/ hourly/ weekly/ montly/ yearly.

Location - Uses the geofencing feature to define the location area (defined by radius) and user who will trigger the rule by arriving or leaving that area

Device - Defines the device (virtual or physical) which will trigger the rule by changing its state or value.

NOTE: It is possible to define several triggers with any type

3c. Rule conditions (optional) defines time period when the rule will be active

3d. Rule actions define actions which wil be executed when the rule is triggered 

Run scene - Selected scene will be executed

Send message - When the rule is triggerred, message (email/ SMS/ Push/ Voice/ Local voice/ Local text) will be sent to the selected contact

Alarm action - Executes the selected alarm action. Only alarms that have the "quick arm" option enabled can be used in the rules

Device action - State and/or value of the selected device(s) will be updated when the rule is triggered. 

NOTE: It is possible to define several actions with any type

4. Click the create button

5. Created rule is visible in the rules menu

NOTE: When a rule is created or edited performing synchronization is mandatory.

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