How to copy rules in rule creator


  • 1. Open up your rule creator, select rule that you want to copy which is in My home rules, and drag it to rule creator desktop
  • 2. To copy rule, first take WHEN block and place it on desktop
  • 3. Take the part of your original rule and drag it into WHEN block
  • 4. Change the settings of your new rule
  • 5. After you are done with changing settings, click on SAVE
  • 6. New rule is created


If you are copying the rules which have SCHEDULER, and you drag the SCHEDULER into your new rule,changing something in there will change every rule that has that same copied SCHEDULER.

To avoid that, don't take the SCHEDULER from your rule, rather use a new SCHEDULER from blocks feature, and then you won't have that problem.

This also applies to the SEND MESSAGE feature. 

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