How to create a PUSH notification with the Rule Creator


- Zipato Zipatile Controller


  • 1.) Go to BLOCKS and select WHEN puzzle
  • 2.) In WHEN puzzle we will add ACTION Send message
  • 3.) The last puzzle we will add is SENSOR puzzle which will go into the WHEN puzzle
  • 4.) In SENSOR we will add HTTP Virtual Switch and we will select On
  • 5.) When we change the status of our virtual switch to ON the PUSH notification will be sent
  • 6.) Now lets configure the PUSH notification
  • 7.) First we select PUSH as our type of message
  • 8.) After that select a contact for the PUSH notification
  • 9.) Add a subject, and after that message that will appear in your notifications on your phone
  • 10.) When you're done, press SAVE
  • 11.) SAVE the rule and SYNC rules
  • 12.) Download our Android or iOS Zipato app. You need to be logged in into Zipato app in order to receive the PUSH notifications.
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