How to use groups and how to make a rule with them

Components used in the video

- Zipato Zipatile Controller

- Zipato Multisensor Quad

- Zipato RGBW bulbs with dimmer


  • 1.) Go to the rule creator
  • 2.) Find devices feature and select groups
  • 3.) On the right side you will have + icon
  • 4.) Click on it and you will have new window opend
  • 5.) Name the group of devices
  • 6.) Ans after that select devices that you want to use as a group
  • 7.) In this example we will select all the bulbs
  • 8.) After adding, please select Save
  • 9.) Note* If you want to delete the Group you created or edit it, go to the created group and click right button on the mouse
  • 10.) When we are done with Groups, now we start making rule that will trigger our group (bulbs)
  • 11.) To do that first add When block.
  • 12.) In this When block inster two IF blocks
  • 13.) Add sensor block to When block
  • 14.) Now we will add 2 operator blocks, one to be equal and greater than, and the other equal and less than
  • 15.) Go to Action feature and add action block to both IF blocks
  • 16.) The last block is meter
  • 17.) After you are done, go to groups and add our created group into action blocks
  • 18.) For our sensor we will use Zipato's 4 in 1 multisensor to trigger bulbs. We will trigger it with LUMINANCE.
  • 19.) Go to meter option and add luminance to meter block
  • 20.) In empty box you have to enter the value of luminance. So if we add 20 to the first block
  • 21.) That will mean that if the luminance is equal or less then 20 the bulbs will go ON, and if the luminance is equal and greater than 30 the bulbs will be OFF
  • 22.) When you are done, please SAVE and Synchronize the rule by selecting the right synchronization button.

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