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Zipato App does not work with iOS 14

In Progress Bart-Hein E. Compatibility Comments: 3 Reply 10 days ago by Dino M.
1 vote

Aetoc TriSensor ZWA005 not compatible

Solved Philippe P. Compatibility Comments: 4 Reply 15 days ago by Alain
2 votes

V3 and virtual devices with Alexa

In Progress Ste R. Compatibility Comments: 8 Reply 15 days ago by yves
6 votes

Nexa tempsensor NBA-001

Answered Erik H. Compatibility Comments: 14 Reply 16 days ago by Manuel
3 votes

Aeotec door/window sensor 7

Completed Lars Compatibility Comments: 3 Reply 31 days ago by Etienne B.
3 votes

Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee protocol support

Under Consideration Gregg Compatibility Comments: 1 Reply 33 days ago by Tom E.
6 votes

Open source code for Zipato app iOS

Under Consideration Camilo Y. 41 days ago Compatibility No Comments
4 votes

Opentherm ZWave device

Under Consideration Pier A. 44 days ago Compatibility No Comments
1 vote
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