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Migrating from Zipabox 1 to Zipabox 2

Need Answer Gaff Compatibility Comments: 6 Reply 14 days ago by Gaff
2 votes

Popp keypad

Answered Thomas Compatibility Comments: 14 Reply 15 days ago by Henning
3 votes

Google Home finally supported?

Need Answer Henning 16 days ago Compatibility No Comments
6 votes

Adding Ikea Tradfri Driver

Need Answer Robbert v. Compatibility Comments: 8 Reply 20 days ago by Oliver L.
4 votes

Can new Zipato app (v3) be installed on Zipatile1

Need Answer Janne M. 47 days ago Compatibility No Comments
4 votes

Ikea smart blinds

Need Answer Janne M. Compatibility Comments: 1 Reply 58 days ago by Terje F.
8 votes

Z-Wave en August Smart Lock Pro

Need Answer importhomesas Compatibility Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by importhomesas
1 vote
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