the song is not correctly coded

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Need Answer


Happy sonos user i come to you for help.

I use zipato and Sonos

I created a rule to announce "a hello" with the name of the person when it disarms our security system.

I used a service text to speech to have my texts in audio format.

the audio file is hosted on my dropbox and shared.

that's where I meet my problem, Sonos does not read my file, he tells me that it is not correctly coded!

I tried several audio formats like Flac, mp3, Wma but each time the same error message. (the song is not correctly coded)

the same file that are on my dropbox, if I sync them to my Sonos music library they work!

I found an MP3 file, taken from a site that works with my configuration (file on dropbox + sends HTTP request to Sonos with the links of the audio file.

I will share the two properties of the files for you if you understand a few things.

the one that works is on the right :) and an image of my rule.

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