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Need Answer Dima General Comments: 3 Reply 25 hours ago by ruhail
1 vote

clock after v2 end of life

Need Answer Emilio C. General Comments: 8 Reply 27 hours ago by ruhail
2 votes

Block Connector for Wired Siren

Answered Alan W. Comments: 11 Reply 4 days ago by Alex b.
1 vote

switch endpoint change

Need Answer V J. General Comments: 1 Reply 12 days ago by Sun F.
1 vote

Switch someting don't turn the lamp

Answered Michel Rule creator Comments: 3 Reply 12 days ago by Andriano
1 vote

Security module, NO vs NC? Input? Zones in AppV2?

Answered BillsGate General Comments: 4 Reply 23 days ago by Andriano
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Answered mehrpaad General Comments: 36 Reply 27 days ago by Anna R.
1 vote

just some of my nexa devices work

Answered Stian R. Comments: 17 Reply 32 days ago by cie k.
8 votes

Zipatile internal sensors

Need Answer Scripcariu R. General Comments: 1 Reply 38 days ago by Andriano
1 vote

Using "old" Zipabox Hardware for other projects?

Need Answer Phil General Comments: 3 Reply 42 days ago by Sarkan B.
7 votes
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