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Tuya and SONOFF Zipato integration

Need Answer Alessandro O. Compatibility Comments: 1 Reply 14 months ago by Nancy
3 votes

Problem with New APP Dashboard

Answered Wladi L. General Comments: 13 Reply 14 months ago by Richard G.
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need help with count and "part of" in rule creator

Need Answer Dennis N. Rule creator Comments: 4 Reply 15 months ago by David S.
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Philips Hue devices is going offline

Need Answer Håkan H. Compatibility Comments: 8 Reply 16 months ago by Lekin M.
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How to use IFTTT with platform v3?

Answered Рон K. Compatibility Comments: 1 Reply 16 months ago by Рон K.
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Zipatile 1 to V3 Help

Answered Lior C. General Comments: 12 Reply 17 months ago by Pietro
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is there any way to change time in rules from app?

Need Answer Jozef H. Rule creator Comments: 9 Reply 17 months ago by smithjohn
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Can't connect 3cx sip server to zipato zipatile 2

Need Answer Klajdi 17 months ago Intercom No Comments
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