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What's setting my button rgb colors?

Need Answer Tóth B. General Comments: 2 Reply 4 months ago by Maye S.
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Zipatile 2 compatibility with Zigbee 3.0

Need Answer Adrien 4 months ago Compatibility No Comments
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what is the dry input of zipatile 2?

Need Answer Javier G. 5 months ago General No Comments
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MQTT support

Need Answer Dima General Comments: 2 Reply 5 months ago by Daniel F.
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Security module, NO vs NC? Input? Zones in AppV2?

Answered BillsGate General Comments: 4 Reply 6 months ago by Jonn h.
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Video Streaming Ebode IPv38

Answered sblade Comments: 3 Reply 6 months ago by skiptarrrr
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Smoke Sensor Alarm

Need Answer Dardan K. Rule creator Comments: 21 Reply 6 months ago by Kenneth M.
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Zipato - Is it possible to set the report interval ?

Need Answer Madhushi P. General Comments: 2 Reply 6 months ago by Patrick P.
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Problem to create rule with sunrise and sunset

Need Answer Stig-Arne C. Rule creator Comments: 12 Reply 6 months ago by World L.
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Need Answer Pietro General Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by Andriano
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