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Netatmo compatibility

Archived Kantarno Comments: 72 Reply 6 days ago by Annata E.
135 votes

Can new Zipato app (v3) be installed on Zipatile1

Archived Janne M. Compatibility Comments: 19 Reply 7 days ago by My L.
7 votes

3G module and SMS

Archived Ivan A. Comments: 16 Reply 8 days ago by Mosaub A.
19 votes

Migrating from Zipabox 1 to Zipabox 2

Archived Gaff Compatibility Comments: 17 Reply 10 days ago by Andriano
6 votes

virtual weather station

Archived jw b. General Comments: 2 Reply 12 days ago by Leon F.
8 votes

Server / cloud down when I try to connect from zipato app

Archived Thomas Comments: 0 Reply 12 days ago by Andriano
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Archived yves General Comments: 11 Reply 21 days ago by sigavij325
1 vote

ZipaTile termostat versus boiler Junkers

Archived Kamil Thermostat Comments: 13 Reply 42 days ago by frederickgragg
2 votes
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