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cluster zipato

Need Answer importhomesas 24 hours ago Compatibility No Comments
2 votes

IKEA Tradfri bulbs - RGB does not work

Known Maria S. Compatibility Comments: 4 Reply 28 hours ago by Tamás C.
7 votes

When Alexa Skill in Italian?

Need Answer Sergio P. General Comments: 19 Reply 31 hours ago by sierragrande
8 votes

Popp keypad

Answered Thomas Compatibility Comments: 7 Reply 34 hours ago by Ziggiz
1 vote

Popp Keypad

Answered JORGEN A. General Comments: 7 Reply 34 hours ago by Ziggiz
21 votes

The state of Zipato iOS app

In Progress Filip R. Comments: 282 Reply 34 hours ago by Hanspeter S.
61 votes

Zipato: HTTP UUID format in new firmware

Need Answer David P. 34 hours ago General No Comments
4 votes

Firmware Version 1.3.60

Need Answer Alex B. General Comments: 1 Reply 35 hours ago by Thorsten H.
2 votes

Group of Lamps

Marc Rule creator Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Alberto M.
1 vote
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