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Zipatile 1 offline over and over again

Known Nurulemin General Comments: 4 Reply 20 hours ago by Moratti
5 votes

Thombox with ZigBee extender module

Known Cyrille General Comments: 3 Reply 24 hours ago by Fred54110
1 vote

Alexa not working

Known Ste R. General Comments: 7 Reply 44 hours ago by Arnaud
7 votes

Tricky problem : Alexa and Roller Shutters

Known Nicolas M. General Comments: 1 Reply 44 hours ago by Ignacio G.
2 votes

Skill Zipato SmartHome don't work

Known Arnaud 2 days ago General No Comments
2 votes

Again, again, again Alexa not working

Known Gerardo A. General Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by BjoGor
5 votes

Migration from V2 to V3: Some notes

Known Uwe D. 3 days ago General No Comments
1 vote

Rules with ASTRO (sunset scheduler)

Known Angel 5 days ago Rule creator No Comments
2 votes

ZIPATO V1 no synchronisation

Known BOB73 General Comments: 8 Reply 6 days ago by Raul S.
4 votes

Change ENOCEAN profile

Known Peter M. 8 days ago General No Comments
1 vote
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