There is no synchronization between the wall press and the mobile application

Yaseen Z shared this problem 43 days ago

I have a problem and I hope you can help me find a solution. I am installing a smart home and using the ZIPATM brand, as well as the Z-WAVE frequency. I have installed a MICRO MODULE SWITCH DOUBLE, which is a switch with two channels or lines. The problem is as follows: when I turn on or off one of the switch lines from my mobile phone, the state also changes on the ZIPATO program on my laptop from the MY.ZIPATO.COM website, or vice versa, and the state is exactly the same on the laptop as it is on the mobile phone. However, when I turn on or off the switch from the button on the wall, nothing changes on the laptop or the mobile phone, and it is supposed to change the state on the mobile phone and on the laptop

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