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Push Notification with action ??

Under Consideration Lars Rule creator Comments: 20 Reply 3 days ago by Mark D.
3 votes

Use of the virtual Weather Station

Completed Michel C. Rule creator Comments: 3 Reply 3 days ago by Mark D.
2 votes

Thombox mise à jour / Plantage

Completed SANDER E. General Comments: 3 Reply 4 days ago by Ivan D.
1 vote

Smartplus app on App Repo

Under Consideration Zipato A. Intercom Comments: 4 Reply 4 days ago by Angel
2 votes

GEO handling in rules from web interface

Completed Christian R. Rule creator Comments: 2 Reply 14 days ago by Christian R.
2 votes

Problems with transfer to v3

Under Consideration Fejes . General Comments: 1 Reply 17 days ago by Fejes .
1 vote

Which Zipabox do I have

Under Consideration Ragnar General Comments: 2 Reply 17 days ago by Mario Z.
1 vote

Zipatile 1 Migration to V3 failed

Under Consideration Christian P. 20 days ago General No Comments
1 vote

Subsystem zipatile 2

Under Consideration Ján Compatibility Comments: 6 Reply 21 days ago by Ján
1 vote
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