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How to Duplicate a box on another box

Under Consideration Eddy B. General Comments: 1 Reply 9 hours ago by Christian R.
2 votes

Zipatile internal settings save failure

Under Consideration Károlyi L. 2 days ago General No Comments
2 votes

Connecting AV systems

Under Consideration מיכאל ב. 3 days ago Compatibility No Comments
1 vote

Zipatile 2 with Google home

In Progress Irenijus S. Compatibility Comments: 5 Reply 4 days ago by Moratti
8 votes

Push notification stopped working (iPhone)

In Progress RoSche Rule creator Comments: 9 Reply 5 days ago by Camilo Y.
6 votes

IOS Shortcuts app - Zipato API auth

Completed Karl Z. General Comments: 4 Reply 6 days ago by Laurent G.
1 vote

Push notifications on V2

In Progress Gerardo A. General Comments: 34 Reply 11 days ago by Gerardo A.
16 votes

Problems with scheduling in the rule creator

Under Consideration Hans Rule creator Comments: 8 Reply 15 days ago by Hans
1 vote

Hikvision camera settings

Under Consideration László 22 days ago IP cameras No Comments
1 vote

Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee protocol support

Under Consideration Gregg 24 days ago Compatibility No Comments
2 votes
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