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Switch che si disconnettono

Completed marcello r. General Comments: 1 Reply 42 days ago by Ivan D.
1 vote

V3 and virtual devices with Alexa

Completed Ste R. Compatibility Comments: 25 Reply 44 days ago by Ste R.
11 votes

zipato offline

Completed Romain P. General Comments: 66 Reply 44 days ago by Jacques
24 votes


Completed Mehdi a. General Comments: 1 Reply 47 days ago by Ivan D.
7 votes

Synchronization failedstorage is busy

Completed Atle E. General Comments: 1 Reply 49 days ago by Ivan D.
2 votes

Smarthings integration with Zipato V3

Under Consideration Christian R. 50 days ago Compatibility No Comments
1 vote

slowness of the zipatile v1

Completed Moratti General Comments: 2 Reply 53 days ago by Moratti
2 votes

why so expensive?

Completed Mixail S. General Comments: 2 Reply 54 days ago by Mixail S.
2 votes

Nuki Smart-Lock 2.0

Completed Alim K. Compatibility Comments: 5 Reply 55 days ago by Alim K.
3 votes

Offline since 23.45 and local connection unusable

Completed Alone U. General Comments: 12 Reply 2 months ago by Mario Z.
9 votes
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