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Comparing strings in rule creator

Under Consideration Theo K. 26 days ago Rule creator No Comments
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best in wall z-wave switch for LED lighting

Under Consideration quizzical General Comments: 11 Reply 29 days ago by quizzical
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In Progress Jcamp7602 General Comments: 4 Reply 30 days ago by yves
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Shelly device

Under Consideration Suporte J. General Comments: 3 Reply 30 days ago by quizzical
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Device-Backup Zipabox 1 to Zipabox 2

Under Consideration Anke M. General Comments: 2 Reply 30 days ago by Christian R.
7 votes

Nest Connectivity

Under Consideration Marcel d. Thermostat Comments: 2 Reply 31 days ago by Marcel d.
4 votes

box is defective

Under Consideration Daf V. 32 days ago General No Comments
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ip wanscan ptz aj cowa-b1d8

Under Consideration Lau 32 days ago IP cameras No Comments
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Completed Jcamp7602 General Comments: 1 Reply 32 days ago by Mario Z.
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Migrating from MyZipato app (green) to new Zipato app (black) - Android

Under Consideration Stefano P. General Comments: 7 Reply 33 days ago by AP
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