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Read 433 MHz

Answered Jimmy L. Comments: 11 Reply 49 days ago by Hanseeuw B.
8 votes

switch from zipabox 1->2

Answered Oliver General Comments: 6 Reply 50 days ago by Dino M.
5 votes

Update Zipabox 2 from v2 to v3

Answered Christian G. General Comments: 4 Reply 50 days ago by Dino M.
6 votes

Zigbee extension as router

Need Answer John R. 51 days ago General No Comments
1 vote

sauvegarde des règles

Answered jean m. Rule creator Comments: 1 Reply 55 days ago by Darijo J.
1 vote

cloud off-line

Answered Roberto H. General Comments: 2 Reply 56 days ago by Roberto H.
1 vote

Zipatile vs Zipatile 2

Need Answer Bart W. General Comments: 1 Reply 58 days ago by Mario P.
13 votes

Zipatile V1 new UI like in 3.1.8

Answered Oleg General Comments: 9 Reply 2 months ago by László
1 vote

Energy consumption

Answered Michel C. General Comments: 10 Reply 2 months ago by Carl M.
5 votes

How to configure a NEO Coolcam motion sensor?

Answered Philippe B. General Comments: 13 Reply 2 months ago by John R.
4 votes
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