Can I add another user with only alarm control? (only alarm control privilege)

thomasfr shared this question 9 years ago


I'd like to allow someone else to connect to my zipabox but only to disarm/arm alarm.

I don't want this user to be able to control my lights, see my sensors...

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

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I have similar question: adding a user to be able to only open my garage door via Cellphone App, not being able to do anything else...


Hello, according to your description, I think that you can have a transmitter and receiver only for the zipabos. I did a google reseach and found that this site may be helpful for you when you decide to have them. They seem te have bloggers and videos for the use of the prodicts.


Dear Evens and thomasfr,

Please take a look at the article about how to trigger an event in your Zipato Controller by using the DO function of the IFTTT web service:

With it you can enable specific user managing one or a few events without opportunity to see the list of your devices or rules.

Best regards,


Hi, and thanks for the quick response. The problem with the IFTTT DO is that the user is able to add other functions from my Zipabox to the service. What I want to achieve is for example that the cleaning women can only open/close the garage door with her smartphone, but she should never have access to any other functions. So I was wondering if I could setup an account (eg cleaning women) on the box that has only access to the garage door or a virtual switch (or anything else I define)...

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