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Alarm in health care function

Answered charriernicolas Comments: 16 Reply 5 hours ago by Puinoon C.
3 votes

http device/sensors/meters

Completed phifi Comments: 6 Reply 2 days ago by Nick J.
1 vote

Video Streaming Ebode IPv38

Answered sblade Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by skiptarrrr
1 vote

New home control and mobile interface

Answered Raffaele C. Comments: 5 Reply 20 days ago by nick f.
1 vote

Zipato security - is there an external siren available

Answered Marcus K. Comments: 9 Reply 31 days ago by WarrenN
1 vote

What are the offline capabilities of the zipabox?

Answered Leander R. Comments: 12 Reply 33 days ago by Patrick G.
8 votes

Assigning user to specific zipabox

Answered Kjetil M. Comments: 5 Reply 51 days ago by Colby A.
2 votes

Token algorithm

Answered Phidyos Comments: 7 Reply 51 days ago by Colby A.
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