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Zipabox and SMS

Answered mimix Comments: 17 Reply 12 months ago by AnkelNina
18 votes

Local mode API ?

Answered DaBoss Comments: 54 Reply 12 months ago by Millay M.
30 votes

Netatmo compatibility

Planned Kantarno Comments: 71 Reply 13 months ago by AP
134 votes

Heatit Z-wave plus thermostat

Known Darkwing Comments: 20 Reply 13 months ago by Cantece
4 votes

Doorbird D2101 RFID

Need Answer Markus M. Comments: 8 Reply 14 months ago by speedman1260
5 votes

Nexa EYCR-200 and EYCR-250 not working.

Solved Johan Comments: 4 Reply 16 months ago by Sunny Y.
1 vote

Range of 433 MHz Devices

Answered acteck Comments: 29 Reply 18 months ago by Sean C.
5 votes

Virtual meters, variables and API's

Need Answer Theo v. Comments: 15 Reply 22 months ago by Adrian V.
8 votes

delete variable

Answered DK Comments: 11 Reply 23 months ago by AP
15 votes

External sensor for virtual thermostat

Need Answer Hans P. Comments: 2 Reply 23 months ago by Paula K.
4 votes
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