Security module, NO vs NC? Input? Zones in AppV2?

BillsGate shared this question 9 years ago

I'm having trouble getting the Security module to work as I wish. Either I'm missing something in the manual or I don't quite understand all, but I just cannot figure out these few things:

  1. I would like to add a door bell button to a zone. How can I set a zone to NO instead of NC?
  2. How is the IN+/IN- to be used? Do I need to short circuit these to make the sensor active in the web control center? Do I need to feed a small current into these ports?
  3. The security widget is gone in the new web control center. It is still configurable in the old version, but the help provided by clicking the question mark icons is gone (404 page not found). Are these pages still available online somewhere?
  4. ...(when) will the security widget make a re-entry in the new dashboard - or - how can I create zones in the new interface?

Apart from the security module, I find everything quite intuitive and self-explanatory and playing with the rule creator is great fun! I've took a long time and did a lot of research to select which Z-Wave control center I should choose, but the Zipabox hasn't disappointed me in the slightest :)

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I'm currently researching this security module and from what I read it seems like a NO circuit is not possible.


In the context of security systems, NO and NC refer to the two types of contacts used in security modules or devices. Let's break down what they mean:

  1. NO (Normally Open): In a security module, a normally open contact means that the circuit is open or disconnected when there is no triggering event or when the security system is disarmed. When the triggering event occurs (e.g., a door or window is opened), the circuit closes, and the security system is alerted.
  2. NC (Normally Closed): On the other hand, a normally closed contact means that the circuit is closed or connected when there is no triggering event or when the security system is disarmed. When the triggering event occurs, the circuit opens, and the security system is alerted.

The choice between NO and NC depends on the specific requirements of the security system and how it needs to be configured. Both options have their advantages and can be used effectively in different situations. It's important to consult the documentation or specifications of the security module or system you are working with to determine which contact type is suitable for your needs.

Regarding your mention of "Zones in AppV2," it's not clear what exactly you are referring to. If you provide more context or clarify your question, I'll be happy to assist you further.


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