Sunset sunrise schedule unreliable

Roy Kasteel shared this problem 5 years ago

I'm using sunset sunrise scheduled tasks (lighting). It has been working for quite some time, but recently it behaves unreliably. I've tried changing all kinds of settings/rules to get it to work again, but without success.



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Hi Roy,

If you have create and deleted several rules it could be that the web UI doesn't show all rules anymore. There is a possibility that you have more rules in the Zipato program then shown in the web UI. And that could mess up other rules.

Use the API module to get all rules.


When a rule is in the API response but not in de web UI, copy the rule ID use the API delete function to remove the rule.



Thanks for the tip. I just checked via the API and found 4 more rules than shown in the web UI. All 4 have order:0 and are the variables that I'm using, where all others have sequentially increasing number for 'order'.

Thus no 'extra' rules in the API.


I'm now checking the API for schedulers. I found 14 in the API, but I'm only using 7 in the rules...


I do this using a virtual sensor and then with the sensor I trigger my lights. Also I have a backup function I looked in the internet a forecast of daylight in my area and picked the latest then added another scheduler to turn ON/OFF the lights at that time if they are not already in that state.

I would try to delete the rules save&sync and recreate them again. Also check if your city is being updated on weather underground (Zipato relies on it). Other tool I use, which I copied from David Pritchard is updating the virtual weather station every hour or when Zipabox reboots by using an API call.



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