activation of outdoor light when alarm is off

Stian Sele shared this question 5 years ago
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I am looking for a rule to activate the outdoor lights when the alarm is off.

The goal is to use a multisensor outside to activate the outdoor lights when my alarm is switched off. when the luminance is below a given value

And also turning them off when the luminance is over a given value

The lights are at my cabbin and i se no point in having the lights on when im not there.

Does anyone have an excample of a rule like this ?

I found this video,

and think this might work. i would like to add the alarm on or off function to this.

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I am thinking about a rule like this..


This rule actually worked.


But the strange thing was that I activated this rule 10pm and it dident turn the light on befor 0633


Could it be because when i made the rule the stat or luminance was already 0 (pitch black) and the the Aeotech 4in sensor dont report state befor there is changes again ?

I see when the lights turned on it was starting to get a little bit lighter som the luminace changed to 10 or something and i guess it sent report to ziapto and the rule got activated


i would just have 2 rules.

1. when luminance is below 20. (no sensor block just the meter block you have in the If block)

if alarm is off

set lights

(if you want the stepping in dimming value, you will need to use some variable or check status or similar so this rule only activates once upon the first trigger. Otherwise every time the Zipato Controller get a luminance reading from the sensor it will run the rule and turn on the lights to the 2 different levels.

2. when luminance is above



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