Manage associations


- Zipato Zipatile Controller

- Zipato RGBW LED bulb

- Fibaro Button


  • 1) Before adding your Zwave device into association, please read the manual of your device for association groups
  • 2) Go to Zwave and find the device you want to associate
  • 3) Go to settings and select advanced
  • 4) Select Manage Associations
  • 5) Select the group you want to use, and after that add the device that you want to associate
  • 6) Click on device and drag and drop it into Devices in group x
  • 7) Afterwards go to send feature and click on it
  • 8) Follow the instructions below
  • 9) Afterwards click on retrieve feature
  • 10) Follow the instructions below
  • 11) Close the window
  • 12) Press SAVE and SYNC
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